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What is Gamaxa ($GAX)?

Gamaxa ($GAX) is a digital currency for gamers worldwide. Our ultimate goal is to launch a series of products that improve the entire gaming and cryptocurrency spaces, by combining the two.

How do I obtain $GAX?

You can obtain $GAX by:

Soon, you will be able to obtain $GAX by:

What is WAVES?

Waves Platform is a blockchain platform like Ethereum. We have chosen to use the Waves Platform because its blockchain is already secure, fees are low, and all WAVES tokens are automatically listed on a great decentralized exchange.

I seem to need the $GAX asset details to trade it on the Waves Exchange. Can you please give me this information?

Issuer 3PHSw8c4Ygx3XAyWX5swzDYyGH3dSsjr7at ID 2m4SEz8Bq9zgjBXF89Z1FQTkrUY6JYnvu9YFhitkBW51 Name $GAX Gamaxa Type Not reissuable Issue date February 25th 2018 Description
Please search our asset ID on the exchange to find it and trade it. For more information, click here.

Where can I store $GAX?

$GAX can be stored in the Waves Platform client. You can download it or use the online client by visiting the Waves Platform website.

Soon, you will be able to store your $GAX on a non custodial, feeless, yet simple web wallet on

Who are you guys?

We're a team of technology developers, web designers, and leaders of the online gaming world. Our staff is hand-picked and trained to help you as quickly and kindly as possible. Please contact us anytime for questions, suggestions or just to say hi.

How can I contact you?

Please email
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Gamaxa ($GAX) is a digital currency for gamers worldwide. Our ultimate goal is to improve the entire cryptocurrency and gaming spaces, by combining the two.

Easy checkout process We aim to make checking out with $GAX as easy as checking out with PayPal. Discounted packages $GAX cuts out the middlemen like PayPal and Stripe. Game developers can save money by accepting $GAX. They can pass the savings to their gamers. Transferability Many games will accept $GAX, so buying $GAX is like buying a gift card for use on all your favourite gams. High purchase limits $GAX transactions are irreversible, so game developers do not need to worry about chargebacks. As a result, game developers can increase deposit limits for their customers. G2G (gamer-to-gamer) sales Gamers like to trade virtual items between each other. However, virtual item scams are a major problem in the gaming industry. We tackle this problem by making available to gamers the unique features of cryptocurrency. Since (1) anyone can send and receive $GAX and (2) smart contracts are possible on the Waves Platform, gamers will be able to trade their in-game virtual items for $GAX without getting scammed. Anonymous payments $GAX users can keep their gaming lives private, in that no credit card company or business will know how much users of $GAX spend on games.
Near-instant payments Unlike bitcoin transactions or even-slower traditional fiat transactions that can take days to be confirmed, $GAX transactions are usually confirmed in under 30 seconds. No fees for receiving payments Game developers, on average, spend 9% of their revenue on simply accepting payments. By adopting $GAX, they can reduce these fees to zero. No possibility of chargebacks or fraud. Chargebacks are a huge problem in the gaming industry. $GAX belongs to developers when they receive it. Developers can give their customers the packages they paid for without worrying that customers and credit card companies will file chargebacks. Cross-promotion programs All game companies will have the option to get promoted by us, other game developers via the website, and by our affiliated social media influencers. Record-keeping We will aid game developers in recording important information about their games via small $GAX microtransactions on the Waves blockchain. For example, games with an economy aspect will be able to back up each player's balances as often as they want, in an easily-searchable way. This will allow game developers, through chain analysis, to easily track exploits and resolve them. Upfront money We will incentivize select game developers to accept $GAX, who will, in turn, encourage their gamers to use it by giving them discounts.

Fair Distribution


The Gamaxa team recognizes that mass adoption requires wide distribution. That's why 65,000,000 $GAX are to be distributed for free to Waves holders and those who complete the social interactions below.

The 65,000,000 $GAX will be distributed to those who share their Waves Platform wallet addresses with us.

So far, 752570.986142 $GAX has been distributed to $WAVES holders.

Sorry, Gamaxa is not available in your region

US and Chinese persons are not allowed to participate in the $GAX airdrop or trade the $GAX token.

The remaining $GAX will be retained by the Gamaxa team to:

  • Launch a program that gives free $GAX to verified gamers.
  • Develop a PayPal-like $GAX payments platform and wallet.
  • Create a virtual item/account/service exchange platform that uses $GAX.
  • Pay video game and payment processing companies to adopt $GAX.
  • Promote the $GAX brand.
  • Compensate its founders and team members.
  • Make $GAX easier to acquire for gamers by arranging exchange listings.
  • Build an empire of video game businesses that actively use $GAX wherever possible. These businesses will include:
    • Miniclip-like websites
    • Skin gaming websites
    • Online gaming networks
    • Skin trading websites



$GAX is intended to be used only as a method of payment.

Ownership of $GAX carries no rights, express or implied, other than the right to use $GAX as a method of payment. In particular, holding $GAX:

(i) does not provide you with rights of any form with respect to AceArrow Inc. (the “Company”) or its revenues or assets, including any voting, distribution, redemption, liquidation, proprietary, or other financial or legal rights;

(ii) does not represent a loan to the Company; and

(iii) does not provide you with any ownership or other interest in the Company.

Although $GAX may be tradable, it is not an investment, currency, security, commodity, a swap on a currency, security or commodity or any other kind of financial instrument. $GAX is not intended to be marketed, offered for sale, purchased, sold, or traded in any jurisdiction where it is prohibited by applicable laws or require further registration with any applicable governmentalauthorities. $GAX may be exchangeable on cryptographic token exchanges. However, the Company gives no warranties or representations that $GAX will be exchangeable on such exchanges. This disclaimer and the website and all subdomains and all their respective pages do not constitute a prospectus of any sort, are not a solicitation for investment and do not pertain in any way to an initial public offering or a share/equity offering and do not pertain in any way to an offering of securities in any jurisdiction. They are a description of the functionality of $GAX.

$GAX is not being offered or distributed to, as well as cannot be resold or otherwise alienated by their holders to the following restricted persons ("Restricted Persons"):

(i) citizens of, natural and legal persons, having their habitual residence, location or their seat of incorporation in the United States of America (including its states and the district of Columbia), Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands of the United States, or any other possessions of the United States of America;

(ii) citizens of, natural and legal persons, having their habitual residence, location of their seat of incorporation in the People's Republic of China; and

(iii) citizens of, natural and legal persons, having their habitual residence, location or their seat of incorporation in the country or territory where transactions with digital tokens are prohibited or in any manner restricted by applicable laws or regulations.

Restricted Persons are strictly prohibited and restricted from accepting and using $GAX and the Company is not soliciting participation and usage by Restricted Persons in any way.

It is solely your responsibility to determine if you can legally hold $GAX in your jurisdiction and whether you can sell $GAX to another user in any given jurisdiction.

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